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Toolbar Snaps to Text Layout from Left of Breakpoint
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Authored by CandleComet (CandleComet) on May 18 2019, 10:12 PM.



This patch allows the width of the toolbar to snap at the break-point where the text layout is about to collapse into icons. The snapping distance on the right of the break-point is quite limited so that it is still possible to be slightly wider than the break-point.

User would have an easy way to make the text layout as thin as it can go without it collapsing into icons.
Here is where the break-points would be:

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CandleComet (CandleComet) retitled this revision from Toolbar Snaps at Breakpoint of Text Layout to Toolbar Snaps to Text Layout from Left of Breakpoint.May 18 2019, 11:55 PM