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Make the Color Balance node and modifier work in linear with correct neutral value
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Authored by Vincent Girès (VincentG) on Jun 4 2019, 1:22 AM.


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This patch changes the neutral value of the lift parameter to 0.0 for the Color Balance compositor node and VSE modifier.
This is how grading or compositing applications like Nuke or DaVinci Resolve are using this setting.
It solve the over-saturated shadows that happens in a linear working space, which makes the linearrgb_to_srgb() not needed anymore.
Switching now to or from the ASC-CDL mode give the exact same look, and there is no difference between the compositor and the VSE (in linear).

The only drawback I see is to break the compatibility for older files. But the release of Blender 2.80 is probably the right moment to make such changes because compatibility has already been broken anyway for older files created with looks and view transforms that doesn't exist anymore.


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