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Text Editor UI updates
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Authored by William Reynish (billreynish) on Thu, Jun 6, 10:58 AM.


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User Interface

This patch will convert the Text Editor to 2.80 right-aligned panel style:







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I would even go further:

  • Remove icon/toggle from the top three items. The icons are really meant for the header only.
  • Use current nesting for Show Margin
  • Rename Properties to Display

TBH I think it might also just be nicer to move some of the toggles in the View menu.

Yes, there are many things which could be improved, but on the things you mention, most of the functions are still defined in C here:
... and I'm not able to code C. I'm sorry.

Just set toggle=False to make the icon toggles into normal checkboxes. You don't have to change RNA.

Turned the toggle-buttons into checkboxes.
Renamed Properties to Display
And Show Margin will determine visibility of Show Column:

For the nesting, I was thinking more like this:

Or this:

We try not to make things suddenly appear, which makes the UI elements jump around.

Peter Fog (tintwotin) updated this revision to Diff 15818.EditedThu, Jun 6, 1:41 PM

Just removed "bpy." - not needed.

On you reply, imo:
#1 is a bit overkill.
#2 the Sidebar is too narrow for this.

I'll leave it up to you, how you prefer to design it(including adding elements to the View menu).

As for the Display panel, the Live Edit and Tabs as Spaces don't fit anymore. We probably should find a new home for those. We could add them to the Edit menu instead.

The Find panel should probably also be renamed to Find & Replace.

Peter Fog (tintwotin) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Thu, Jun 13, 1:01 AM
Peter Fog (tintwotin) updated this revision to Diff 15888.

The following Text Editor Redesign is the result of further discussion with @William Reynish (billreynish)

As mentioned everything has become right aligned.
Four settings has been moved into the View menu, in order to clean up the panel:

  • show_line_numbers
  • show_word_wrap
  • show_syntax_highlight
  • show_line_highlight

And one setting to the Edit menu:

  • use_live_edit

The Margin has been nested.

The Find and Replace options are now disabled if no text, like in Properties.

'Find' has been renamed to 'Find and Replace'
'Wrap' has been renamed to 'Wrap Around', which is also used in ex. Notepad, for continue F&R from the top.
'All' has been renamed to 'All Texts', because all in F&R normally means replacing all instances in the current text - but here it means continue F&R in all texts loaded in the text editor.

What still needs to be done is to change the 'Tabs as spaces' in the RNA for it can be moved into the Format menu. @William Reynish (billreynish) offered to do this. And if the default width of the Sidebar where a few pixels wider the last letter of the Margin could be read too.

Here's a gif showcasing the current design:

To be clear, you don’t need to change the RNA to put a checkbox on the menus.

We need to change RNA in order to turn it into an enum.

  • Fix wrong greying out of the Margin toggle

  • Change Tabs as Spaces to be an enum called Indentation, with Spaces or Tabs as choices

  • Remove Line Number, Word Wrap and Syntax Highlighting toggles from the header. I don't think these are necessary if they are in the View menu, and we get some space back for the things that are exclusive to the header

Changed layout of the Search & Replace panel:

  • Put settings at the top
  • Make the settings more compact
  • Use icons

Peter Fog (tintwotin) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Thu, Jun 13, 11:32 PM

Updates from D5125:

  • Add full context menu to Text Editor (with edits by me)
  • Move Text Editor Sidebar to the right, consistent with other editors, and doesn't clash with line numbers.
William Reynish (billreynish) retitled this revision from Convert Text Editor Sidebar to 2.80 Right-aligned style to Text Editor UI updates.Sun, Jun 23, 1:02 AM

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) Sidebar is moved to the right here. May need help with Do Version to make it apply to already existing Text Editors.

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