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Sequencer Timecode Panel - fix invalid values, fix alignment and fix renaming

Authored by Peter Fog (tintwotin) on Jun 12 2019, 12:04 AM.



This patch solves some Sequencer timecode panel bugs and inconsistencies:

  • The Start value and the Playhead value both used the odd 'frame_start' value, which seems to give the start point, where the strip was originally inserted, giving very odd results. Instead 'frame_final_start' is now used, which results in the correct timeline values. Click on thumbnail to watch gif playing:

  • When scaling the sidebar some of the the labels weren't scaling correctly, this has been fixed.
  • Hard/Soft Cut was recently renamed to Hold Cut/Cut, but not in the Sidebar timecode panel. In this patch the Hard/Soft Trim are now called: Hold Offset/Strip Offset, which is more in line with the names of the operators.

This gif shows the fixed panel to the left and the old to the right(click to watch it):

A heads-up on the oddities of some the values/operators used in this panel:

  • Is it correct 'frame_start' should show the original insertion point? Why?
  • 'frame_end' seems broken.
  • The 'Strip Offset End' shows the number of frames to the start/end of the source material, this is not very useful in the UI. Ex. to get the strip end to extend to the right you'll have to drag to the left to decrease the value.
  • A more useful function would be to set the start/end point by sliding the strip, so these settings are only for changing the contents of a strip(the start/end/duration above these functions, already sets the strip position and duration in the timeline).
  • The Hold Offset Start/animation_offset_start seems completely off. It extends the strip in the end, not in the start? Changing the Hold values should move the hold/hard cuts in the timeline like Start/End does with soft cuts and they don't.
  • There are commented out freeze frame values in the code. (Nb. These operators are coded in C and outside my limited python coding skills)

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