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update CN translations

Authored by Yizhong Zhang (bee) on Thu, Aug 1, 9:27 AM.



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@Yizhong Zhang (bee) Thank you for your translation and correction.
We have gathered a translation team to deal with the manual translation. I think we need your help now to help translate and improve the manual.
A QQ group will make communication more effectively, and our group number is 620831153.
Or how can I get touch with you?

zdy (NGENNGT) requested changes to this revision.Fri, Aug 2, 3:22 AM

I've patched you revision locally, and built again. Let alone some inconsistent words with the user interface. There are 100 warning after building, screenshot as below:

You should follow the building and translation guidelines to recheck you revision.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Fri, Aug 2, 3:22 AM

I am sorry to let you do what I should do.

It maybe a good idea to point out the importance of whitespaces those are around the markups,
especially, when spaces are not necessary separators in some language e.g. Chinese.

I have patched the updated revision. All the warnings are fixed now. Further review will be finished later.
I know you probably don't want to join us. But since we're working on the translation at the same time, we still need to be aligned to avoid overlapping and conflicts.
I think we need a talk. QQ or

translate "build" to "编译".

zdy (NGENNGT) abandoned this revision.Tue, Aug 6, 6:32 AM

SInce I've committed alll changes in rBMT3790, so I'll abandon it to close it.