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Fix T59143: Frame Selected Doesn't work in hair particle editmode

Authored by Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) on Wed, Sep 11, 3:01 PM.



This is caused by rBeb521b22b2b1.

Looks like PE_minmax doesnt play nice with the evaluated view_layer.
Why? If we look inside PE_get_current, then
BKE_ptcache_ids_from_object will actually return a list of PTCacheID
for the evaluated object.
However, looking further, then PTCacheEdit / psys->pointcache->edit
is always NULL for the evaluated object.
I assume this only lives on the original?

Without a valid PTCacheEdit, PE_minmax will basically do nothing.
Suggest to pass the non-evaluated view layer in the case of particles

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This is probably fine, since brush_edit_init() is using original view layer as well.

In a longer term we should probably make it so evaluated pointcache have pointer to edit. AFAIR, this is what psys_eval does as well.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Wed, Sep 11, 4:06 PM