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Text Editor: Add smooth scrolling
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Authored by Kai Jægersen (kaio) on Mon, Sep 23, 4:33 PM.
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Julian Eisel (Severin)
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Text Editor

This patch makes it so text in the text editor may be smooth scrolled.

Works by making st->top, st->left as floats, then calculate draw offsets and adding them to the draw coordinates.

This patch makes some changes in draw order so that text may be scrolled horizontally behind line numbers margin.

Does not change the behavior of scroll operators which use fixed values, e.g a mouse wheel still scrolls three lines. However drag scrolling (middle mouse pan, text scroll bar) now applies delta directly to st->top and st->left without being accumulated.

Also added behavior to reveal line when setting cursor on a partially visible line.

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Would this make sense in other 2D editors also? e.g. the Outliner and properties?

@Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) From what I gathered, most 2d editors already share a common pan and scroll operator which on paper does support by-pixel scrolling. The text editor is a bit of an oddball here, being one of the last editors that still uses fixed line scrolling. There were some remarks in the code about it being left out, but no explanation as to why.

If you meant in terms of smooth animated scrolling using the mousewheel, it's not being tackled this round, however I'd be keen on trying to add support for this (and yes, I think it would be a nice, toggleable feature to have).