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Fix T70342: QuadriFlow with the new symmetry option creates holes at the center
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Authored by Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606) on Sun, Sep 29, 3:24 PM.



This should fix the issue in most cases, but the ideal solution would be fixing the issue in Quadriflow instead of doing this.

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rB Blender
T70342 (branched from master)
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Buildable 5161
Build 5161: arc lint + arc unit

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I can try to look into this again on the quadriflow side if you guys want. I might be able to solve that the verts are sometimes moving off the border edges, but I can't promise anything.

@Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) I would be nice to fix this in Quadriflow because that will also improve the results when working with meshes with open boundaries, but if it is going to take you a lot of time we can use this fix instead to solve the symmetry issue.

It might be working looking into this for a few hours, but if it's more than that I would just go with the workaround.

Maybe it's possible somehow tag bisected vertices and preserve that information through quadriflow remeshing, rather than relying on the vertex positions.

I looked into the quadriflow code, but I didn't see any quick and easy fix sadly :/