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Documentation: Add Tracking Video Clip Requirement
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Authored by Justin Jones (jjones780) on Oct 21 2019, 3:11 AM.



Blender Manual paragraph to help users avoid issues with movie clips and shifting frames.

See closed ( but not solved ) issues:,,

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Justin Jones (jjones780) added a comment.EditedOct 21 2019, 3:40 AM

My best effort at writing some documentation.

I considered putting this in the "clip" section but feel that it needed to be up front.

It _may_ eventually be fixed in code as T47720 mentions ("TODO to build timecodes automatically") but I can't find it on any todo lists that I've been able to locate thus far.

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Sergey Sharybin (sergey) requested changes to this revision.Oct 21 2019, 10:23 AM

Having the mention of time codes is fine, but i am not happy with the current placement of the information and its wording:

  • Such information does not belong to an Introduction section, but more like Best Practices or so.
  • I wouldn't recommend converting video file to an image sequence this has implications down the road. Rather, build timecode.
  • I don't think use of such strong imperative statement is something what belongs to a manual.
This revision now requires changes to proceed.Oct 21 2019, 10:23 AM

"I don't think use of such strong imperative statement is something what belongs to a manual."
Thanks for being so diplomatic. In my defense I was recovering from a visit to the dentist.

I've dug into the source code and am testing a few ideas. I've gained an appreciation for the issues ( many edge cases, fallbacks required etc ). The issue in my particular case was the dts was slightly before the calculated "guess" and so it would end up _two_ frames early when seeking to a new area.
I'll let you know if I come up with any concrete techniques worthy of further investigation and will leave any documentation changes until then.