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Sculpt: Clay Strips Roundness property
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Authored by Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606) on Oct 31 2019, 9:11 PM.
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This patch allow to change the brush tip shape between a square and a
circle using a brush property.

After this change we are no longer testing the distance against a cube
(the Z axis is not used). I did not test this in depth, but if it does
not produce any artifacts I think we can keep it this way instead of
adding more complexity to the code.

Diff Detail

rB Blender
clay-strips-roundness (branched from master)
Build Status
Buildable 5689
Build 5689: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

Do we need to add migration code. Seems like the setting is set to 0.25f I expected some sort of migration code.

  • Add versioning code
  • Rebase
  • Update defaults