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Fix T71322: Crash in Audaspace with video file containing 16-channel audio

Authored by Sybren A. Stüvel (sybren) on Thu, Nov 14, 5:43 PM.



Having 16 audio channels was apparently not expected by Audaspace, but I've seen it before with recordings made at the Blender Conference, both from De Balie (the previous location) and Compagnie Theater (the current location).

In this patch I've set the angles all to 0° except the left and right channel. In the past years those were the only channels that actually had audio for Blender Conference recordings. It fixes T71322.

@Joerg Mueller (nexyon) What's the policy for getting Audaspace changes applied upstream?

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rB Blender
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Buildable 5678
Build 5678: arc lint + arc unit

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Thanks for this patch. I resolved the issue differently though, just in case files with even more channels show up in the future!