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Move Tweak tool to the transform section in the toolbar
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Authored by William Reynish (billreynish) on Dec 7 2019, 3:12 PM.


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User Interface

This is a very simple, small patch that merely moves the Tweak tool to the transform section in the toolbar:

The primary purpose of the Tweak tool is to be able to quickly transform items without needing to select them first. The Tweak tool essentially allows selection and transform in one step.

One could argue both ways, but in my estimation it should be thought of more as a transform tool than a selection tool. There is no reason to enable this tool for any kind of selection - it is only useful for quick successive transforms.

This patch also removes the Tweak tool from the node editors, since it has no useful purpose there.

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William Reynish (billreynish) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details),

Should this be renamed to something like

_defs_transform.tweak ?

If not now (due to it breaking possibly breaking things in other areas), shouldn’t a comment be added to specify what it is/does, possibly noting it as a TODO to change the name later? As someone who just started looking into Blender’s code recently, I wouldn’t know without having seen the previous commit where this tool was renamed from Select to Tweak.

Apologies if I am out of line here as I am new to this process. Let me know if I am.

@Evan Wilson (EAW) internally, this tool is called, which is a bad name.

It should indeed be _defs_view3d_transform.tweak

The main issue with changing it, is that it will break all keymaps that refer to this tool, but IMO that’s probably acceptable.

Rename the Tweak tool internally to reflect the UI better.

  • Also update UV Editor so it follows the same approach
  • Remove Tweak tool from the node editors since it has zero purpose there. (You can already drag on nodes to move them without this tool)

The original purpose of this tool was for those who want 2.7 like behavior, and for that reason I think it should stay where it is. Besides tweaking, it does immediate selection on mouse press for those who don't like the delay that comes with the other tools. The renaming also breaks compatibility of keymaps.

All the transform tools could have support for easy tweaking without selection, but I think that should be an option of the transform tools.