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Wayland frontend
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Authored by Christian Rauch (christian.rauch) on Mon, Jan 13, 1:36 AM.



This PR implements the Wayland frontend for GHOST and applies minor fixes to the CMake projects and the EGL context.


  • EGL context creating for UI
  • interacting with the UI via keyboard and mouse

Work-In-Progress / Not-Working:

  • offline context creation for rendering

There is an unresolved issue with offline EGL context creation. This has been deactivated temporarily. The user interface works, but it is not possible to render from within the GUI.

This PR should be considered as work-in-progress. I submitted the PR to get feedback on the general implementation and maybe some help with the offline context creation. The PR contains some commits related to general issues, that had to be resolved for the EGL context creation and they could be merged ahead of this PR.

If beneficial for the revision process, changes related to EGL and not to Wayland could be separated into a dedicated pull request. They are part of this pull request since Wayland is the only frontend that uses EGL actively.

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rB Blender
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Buildable 6223
Build 6223: arc lint + arc unit

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Christian Rauch (christian.rauch) retitled this revision from cmake: fix variable access to Wayland frontend.Mon, Jan 13, 1:43 AM
Christian Rauch (christian.rauch) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)

Great to see progress on Wayland support, some initial notes.

  • While uploading work-in-progress is fine for large projects, edit the task to include details about the state of the patch (whats expected to work, what needs to be finished).
  • Note parts of this patch that you would like feedback on.
  • Avoid making unrelated changes (nullptr replacements don't look to be important).

Prefer X11 & WAYLAND have their own branches.

Even if there is some duplication - that could be de-duplicated as a separate step, e.g. moved outside the X11/WAYLAND blocks.

  • Note parts of this patch that you would like feedback on.

I intended to get feedback on all the commits. So far, this pull request has 3 related parts:

  • EGL-specific commits
  • Wayland-specific commits
  • commits related to the offscreen content creation that are considered WIP

I wanted to get a proper review of the EGL and Wayland commits since this is the part that works, and I wanted to get feedback and potential help with the offscreen context creation.

Since all parts are related to each other, and won't benefit other parts of the Blender code-base, I submitted them together. However, if it helps, I could submit separate reviews for the EGL and Wayland related changes, without the ability to render within the GUI.