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VSE: Refactor proxy loading
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Authored by Richard Antalik (ISS) on Sat, Feb 8, 7:36 PM.



Refactor functions used to load proxies and change place where this is done.
is_proxy_image var is passed to function where proxy is loaded and set accordingly.

Prior to this commit VSE had weak system to check if loaded image is actually proxy
or fallback to full-size image. That caused problems on operations with absolute positioning.
See T54395, T51828

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rB Blender
cleanup-proxy (branched from master)
Build Status
Buildable 6613
Build 6613: arc lint + arc unit

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@Christopher_Anderssarian Now when I see you here, I have a suspicion, that this may break multiview proxies... I wanted to test this case as well, but I can not get it to work...
Is it completely broken? Or could you share some simple multiview VSE project so I can test this?

  • VSE: Remove atomized image duplication for preprocessing stage

Oops last commit was meant to be new revision, but I guess I can leave it here.

  • Revert to original diff, these two changes really shouldn't be together...

Does this make unnecessary.

No, but it can be simplified to ommit filepath trickery.
You can 100% rely on is_proxy_image.

The token was a reaction to seeing that you added return true; for that "unsupported strip type";)
Here's a couple of working 3D image proxy strip .blend:

Your not planning on supporting 3D scence stip proxies any time soon, are you? (pretty please...)

  • fix some problems
  • remove atomic cache usage - there was bug, but more importantly, it is useless
  • Fix proxy usage in image pipeline.
  • Remove unused vars

As I thought, multiview was broken with this patch. Thanks @Christopher_Anderssarian for sample project.