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branch soc-2014-nurbs update to master code base
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Authored by xueke pei (yuzukyo) on Tue, Feb 11, 10:06 AM.
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Bring soc-2014-nurbs branch update to blender2.8 and update opennurbs to 7.x version
Because of the age, the code in many places has changed compared with the original.

this is very early stage,

know issue:

displaylist not correct (cause crash)
nurbs objects translation not effective because lack some function in transform util.
due to massive change of view3d/old opengl code, some UI not work correctly

these problem can solved when some help come from familiar with code users.

all code only compile on windows, haven't compile on other platform.

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update opennurbs lib to new version 7.x
now file import can read rhino 6 or higher file.

mute some compile bug

clean update to opennurbs 7.x remove old version files.

xueke pei (yuzukyo) edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Wed, Feb 12, 7:35 AM
xueke pei (yuzukyo) set the repository for this revision to rB Blender.

init support subd object type. can import subd proxy mesh to Blender.

add cyclic support