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Outliner: ctrl+click to isolate exclude property of layer collections [WIP]
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Authored by Jacques Lucke (JacquesLucke) on Feb 13 2020, 5:33 PM.
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This is not done yet. I'm just uploading it to get feedback from @Sebastian Koenig (sebastian_k)
on the functionality.

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rB Blender
isolate-exclude (branched from master)
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Buildable 6610
Build 6610: arc lint + arc unit

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Wow, that was fast! :) Thanks!
So far I love it!
What the other collection icons do when you ctrl-click on them twice is first to isolate them, and when you ctrl-click the second time it unhides all previously hidden collections, which is a bit bit unfortunate. It feels like a toggle at first, but's not really toggling between 2 states.
Especially with the Exclude button it would be nice if Blender would somehow remember which collections where enabled and which excluded when you ctrl-click the checkbox.
Often there is a specific configuration of which collections are enabled and which are excluded. Now when you isolate one to inspect it you would at some point want to "un-isolate" it by ctrl-clicking again, but ideally without losing the initial configuration of which collections where enabled or excluded.

The un-isolate thing has been suggested a couple of times (just two reports, but I'm sure there are more: T58942, T68624). It seems to be the more useful behavior, but is also quite a bit harder to implement. Otherwise it would have been done by now I guess...
I'd rather keep this as a separate feature request and focus on making this patch work similar to visibility-isolation for now.