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Update for the Simple Deform Modifier entry in the Blender documentation
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Authored by Hugo Schouppe (HUSCH) on Sun, Mar 15, 5:31 PM.



I've updated the section on the Simple Deform modifier. I've also added 9 pictures.
Can you inform me if this is OK or what I should change?

Hugo Schouppe

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rBM Blender Manual

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Hi, thanks for the patch! can you upload the images in a comment in a zip folder?

I will have a closer look later this week but this is a great improvement.

In attachment, the following files are included in a zip-file:

  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_intro.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_bend-1.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_bend-2.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_bend-3.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_bend-4.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_bend.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_stretch.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_taper.png
  • modeling_modifiers_deform_simple-deform_twist.png