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UI: Changes to Language Selection
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Authored by Harley Acheson (harley) on Sat, Mar 21, 11:46 PM.



With the commit of D6854 we are using just the international fonts. But this means that we still have a "Translation" checkbox in Preferences, but it does nothing useful.

This patch removes that checkbox and simplifies this area of Preferences.

Once applied you will see that there is now an "International" section and you can always easily change the language. Default is "English" and with that chosen the other options for translating tooltips, etc are cleared and disabled.

After selecting Japanese all options are enabled and turned on. That way the simple change of language has the most affect. For example, since Translate Interface is enabled immediately it means that all these other options are labeled correctly. It also means that we could put just the language list on the Splash screen and not have to include all the other checkboxes.

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It seems to me that at least this could be clearer. Not everyone knows what IME is short for - I had to go look it up. At a minimum the tooltip could explain that it affects the input method. But, probably it could be even clearer still.

On a broader note, it's not entirely clear to me where and how this should be controlled - is it usually set per app, or is it the OS's job to manage this? We had similar requests for people who use AZERTY layouts who want to use QWERTY for shortcuts, but AZERTY for text input. It's also not really clear to me if that should really be set per-app. I would have thought it was the job of the OS.

I am a little afraid that adding controls for adjusting the keyboard input opens a can of worms, because many regions may have all sorts of different things they might want to control, and I don't really see these kinds of things in other apps - again you usually control this centrally in the OS & keyboard input settings.

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Updated to reflect the current state of master. For other changes I have updated the original first comment.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) requested changes to this revision.Thu, Mar 26, 11:29 AM

We want English to remain the default, not Automatic which follows the operating system language. The quality of many translations is not good enough, and for many users English is preferred since they are familiar with the terminology in English from other applications, which are often not translated (or only for Japanese and Chinese). That's why D3705 changed the default to English.

For IME, I would like to understand why we need an option for this. My understanding is that switching input language can be done per application, using a keyboard shortcut or some other method. For someone using IME this would be something that's already familiar. We listen to WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE on Windows to accommodate this. Maybe that needs to be improved in some way rather than adding a preference?

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Harley Acheson (harley) planned changes to this revision.Thu, Mar 26, 3:10 PM

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) - We want English to remain the default, not Automatic...

Yes, of course. I had not thought that through correctly at all.

That's why D3705 changed the default to English.

Yes, I should have looked at D3705. I think there is exactly what I need in that.

For IME, I would like to understand why we need an option for this.

I think I should drop that, at least for now. Otherwise I am guessing the need for it from a comment by one user. Easy to add it later. And we may not ever need it if we get improvements like

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Updated so that English is the default language, not automatic, by incorporating parts from D3705.