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Allow the OIDN maxMemoryMB setting to be set in system preferences
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Authored by Jesse Y (deadpin) on Sun, May 17, 7:44 AM.
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In an attempt to address issues like T76790, this exposes OIDN's maxMemoryMB setting as a system user preference.
It adds a new Compositor section, collapsed by default, to the System page but I'm open for better placement elsewhere if desired especially if such a limit would be used along with T76259.

By default blender will use the same value that OIDN currently ships with: 6000

For a 3 frame, 7680 × 4320 (8k) render, the following was observed for the denoising performance (in seconds):

Using 6000mb (baseline)
time end (execute): 26.141918
time end (execute): 25.793146
time end (execute): 26.283325

Using 1024mb
time end (execute): 42.992428
time end (execute): 46.625431
time end (execute): 41.559349

Using 12000mb
time end (execute): 26.967207
time end (execute): 25.856495
time end (execute): 25.136459

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