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Authored by Phillip Thomas (Cambloid) on Sun, Aug 30, 10:24 PM.



This patch is not made by me, it is made by the developers of Natron VFX.

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Phillip Thomas (Cambloid) requested review of this revision.Sun, Aug 30, 10:24 PM
Phillip Thomas (Cambloid) created this revision.
Phillip Thomas (Cambloid) retitled this revision from libmv patch to 0004-openmp.Sun, Aug 30, 10:32 PM

What is the measured speedup, how is it being measured?
How does this behave with track-wide threading (when different tracks are handled in different threads)? From the looks of it this will create n^2 active threads which is not acceptable.


Such defines belong to something more like base/port.h.

But first of all, what is the exact need of those?


There can not be a single define for all type of pixel processing. This is something which is usually calculated on a per-case basis.


Shouldn't be dependent on Ceres.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) requested changes to this revision.Mon, Aug 31, 9:34 AM
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