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Easy ToDo: Add the position field to the color ramp node.

Authored by Krantz Geoffroy (kgeogeo) on Dec 10 2013, 2:15 PM.

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Looks good to me.

Someone in BA say something interesting "if you have many values close each other it's kind of hard to select the one you want, we should have an option to jump from one value to the next one and in the opposite direction as well."
What do you thing about?

That seems reasonable. I'm not sure if that's common enough to require a button at the top level of the UI, so perhaps it should be in a menu, for example the F button could be turned into a dropdown menu like you have for shape keys.

I've made this quick.

I will try as you say too.

I love kgeogeo mockup. I think is the right way... by the way... that "Someone in BA" is me. Thanks for consider this.

The added functionality is ok, but the layout of the ColorRamp node is getting a bit messy and confusing.

Here's a mockup of a way to clean it up:

I still prefer the one from kgeogeo, It's following more the UI guidelines from Blender, yours looks a little bit out from the standard in Blender.

I prefer Williams version, looks more clean.

@Sam Vila (samcameron): Perhaps you're referring to the lack of arrows in the number fields? If so, that's unrelated to this layout. Here's a version with arrows that's more like the Blender UI:

I just think that the other mockup from kgeogeo is more standard in the Blender UI, we see these 'ADD' and 'DELETE' buttons many times in Blender in other areas. I think we should keep the same look. In my opinion the version from kgeogeo is perfect.

@Sam Vila (samcameron)

Hmm.. 'Add' and 'Delete' as action buttons like that is used fairly sparingly. There are plus/minus icons for adding/removing items in many areas, in fact here's a handful of them:

Anyway, the use of the word 'Add' is not really the issue.

The main issues are:

  • Using the letter F, which is completely ambiguous
  • The illogical hierarchy of the controls, where the parent (item #) is in the middle
  • The fact that it doesn't work when scaled down, as seen is the original screenshot in the Node Properties. Notice how you loose the word 'Pos', plus some decimals too:

To recap, using the small version:

kgeogeo's version is too cluttered, especially in the bottom row. So again I think it would be nice to implement Williams version.

We need a poll hehehe.