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import copy
import hashlib
import json
import urllib
import datetime
import functools
import logging
import bson.objectid
from eve import RFC1123_DATE_FORMAT
from flask import current_app
from werkzeug import exceptions as wz_exceptions
import pymongo.results
__all__ = ('remove_private_keys', 'PillarJSONEncoder')
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def remove_private_keys(document):
"""Removes any key that starts with an underscore, returns result as new
doc_copy = copy.deepcopy(document)
for key in list(doc_copy.keys()):
if key.startswith('_'):
del doc_copy[key]
del doc_copy['allowed_methods']
except KeyError:
return doc_copy
class PillarJSONEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):
"""JSON encoder with support for Pillar resources."""
def default(self, obj):
if isinstance(obj, datetime.datetime):
return obj.strftime(RFC1123_DATE_FORMAT)
if isinstance(obj, bson.ObjectId):
return str(obj)
if isinstance(obj, pymongo.results.UpdateResult):
return obj.raw_result
# Let the base class default method raise the TypeError
return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, obj)
def dumps(mongo_doc, **kwargs):
"""json.dumps() for MongoDB documents."""
return json.dumps(mongo_doc, cls=PillarJSONEncoder, **kwargs)
def jsonify(mongo_doc, status=200, headers=None):
"""JSonifies a Mongo document into a Flask response object."""
return current_app.response_class(dumps(mongo_doc),
def skip_when_testing(func):
"""Decorator, skips the decorated function when app.config['TESTING']"""
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
if current_app.config['TESTING']:
log.debug('Skipping call to %s(...) due to TESTING', func.func_name)
return None
return func(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapper
def project_get_node_type(project_document, node_type_node_name):
"""Return a node_type subdocument for a project. If none is found, return
if project_document is None:
return None
return next((node_type for node_type in project_document['node_types']
if node_type['name'] == node_type_node_name), None)
def str2id(document_id):
"""Returns the document ID as ObjectID, or raises a BadRequest exception.
:type document_id: str
:rtype: bson.ObjectId
:raises: wz_exceptions.BadRequest
if not document_id:
log.debug('str2id(%r): Invalid Object ID', document_id)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest('Invalid object ID %r' % document_id)
return bson.ObjectId(document_id)
except bson.objectid.InvalidId:
log.debug('str2id(%r): Invalid Object ID', document_id)
raise wz_exceptions.BadRequest('Invalid object ID %r' % document_id)
def gravatar(email, size=64):
parameters = {'s': str(size), 'd': 'mm'}
return "" + \
hashlib.md5(str(email)).hexdigest() + \
"?" + urllib.urlencode(parameters)

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