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import logging
import os
from flask import current_app
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Encoder:
"""Generic Encoder wrapper. Provides a consistent API, independent from
the encoding backend enabled.
def job_create(src_file):
"""Create an encoding job. Return the backend used as well as an id.
if current_app.config['ENCODING_BACKEND'] != 'zencoder' or \
current_app.encoding_service_client is None:
log.error('I can only work with Zencoder, check the config file.')
return None
if src_file['backend'] != 'gcs':
log.error('Unable to work with storage backend %r', src_file['backend'])
return None
# Build the specific GCS input url, assuming the file is stored
# in the _ subdirectory
storage_base = "gcs://{0}/_/".format(src_file['project'])
file_input = os.path.join(storage_base, src_file['file_path'])
options = dict(notifications=current_app.config['ZENCODER_NOTIFICATIONS_URL'])
outputs = [{'format': v['format'],
'url': os.path.join(storage_base, v['file_path'])}
for v in src_file['variations']]
r = current_app.encoding_service_client.job.create(file_input,
if r.code != 201:
log.error('Error %i creating Zencoder job: %s', r.code, r.body)
return None
return {'process_id': r.body['id'],
'backend': 'zencoder'}
def job_progress(job_id):
from zencoder import Zencoder
if isinstance(current_app.encoding_service_client, Zencoder):
r = current_app.encoding_service_client.job.progress(int(job_id))
return r.body
return None

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