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import json
from bson import ObjectId
from import post_internal
from eve.methods.put import put_internal
from flask import g
from werkzeug.exceptions import UnprocessableEntity
from common_test_class import AbstractPillarTest
class NodeContentTypeTest(AbstractPillarTest):
def test_node_types(self):
"""Tests that the node's content_type properties is updated correctly from its file."""
def mkfile(file_id, content_type):
file_id, _ = self.ensure_file_exists(file_overrides={
'_id': ObjectId(file_id),
'content_type': content_type})
return file_id
file_id_image = mkfile('cafef00dcafef00dcafef00d', 'image/jpeg')
file_id_video = mkfile('cafef00dcafef00dcafecafe', 'video/matroska')
file_id_blend = mkfile('cafef00dcafef00ddeadbeef', 'application/x-blender')
user_id = self.create_user()
project_id, _ = self.ensure_project_exists()
def perform_test(file_id, expected_type):
node_doc = {'picture': file_id_image,
'description': '',
'project': project_id,
'node_type': 'asset',
'user': user_id,
'properties': {'status': 'published',
'tags': [],
'order': 0,
'categories': ''},
'name': 'My first test node'}
g.current_user = {'user_id': user_id,
# This group is hardcoded in the EXAMPLE_PROJECT.
'groups': [ObjectId('5596e975ea893b269af85c0e')],
'roles': {u'subscriber', u'admin'}}
nodes =['nodes']
# Create the node.
r, _, _, status = post_internal('nodes', node_doc)
self.assertEqual(status, 201, r)
node_id = r['_id']
# Get from database to check its default content type.
db_node = nodes.find_one(node_id)
self.assertNotIn('content_type', db_node['properties'])
# PUT it again, without a file -- should be blocked.
self.assertRaises(UnprocessableEntity, put_internal, 'nodes', node_doc,
# PUT it with a file.
node_doc['properties']['file'] = str(file_id)
r, _, _, status = put_internal('nodes', node_doc, _id=node_id)
self.assertEqual(status, 200, r)
# Get from database to test the final node.
db_node = nodes.find_one(node_id)
self.assertEqual(expected_type, db_node['properties']['content_type'])
perform_test(file_id_image, 'image')
perform_test(file_id_video, 'video')
perform_test(file_id_blend, 'file')
def test_get_project_node_type(self):
user_id = self.create_user()
self.create_valid_auth_token(user_id, 'token')
project_id, _ = self.ensure_project_exists()
resp = self.client.get('/projects/%s?node_type=asset' % project_id)
self.assertEqual(200, resp.status_code)
data = json.loads(
self.assertEqual([u'GET'], data['allowed_methods'])

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