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"""Node-URL-finding microframework."""
import logging
from flask import current_app, url_for
import pillarsdk
from pillarsdk import Node
from pillarsdk.exceptions import ResourceNotFound
from pillar.web.utils import caching
from pillar.web import system_util
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
node_url_finders = {} # mapping from node type to callable.
def register_node_finder(node_type):
"""Decorator, registers the decorated function as node finder for the given node type."""
def wrapper(func):
if node_type in node_url_finders:
raise ValueError('Node type %r already handled by %r' %
(node_type, node_url_finders[node_type]))
log.debug('Registering %s node finder for node type %r',
func, node_type)
node_url_finders[node_type] = func
return func
return wrapper
def find_for_comment(project, node):
"""Returns the URL for a comment."""
api = system_util.pillar_api()
parent = node
while parent.node_type == 'comment':
if isinstance(parent.parent, pillarsdk.Resource):
parent = parent.parent
parent = Node.find(parent.parent, api=api)
except ResourceNotFound:
'url_for_node(node_id=%r): Unable to find parent node %r',
node['_id'], parent.parent)
raise ValueError('Unable to find parent node %r' % parent.parent)
# Find the redirection URL for the parent node.
parent_url = find_url_for_node(parent)
if '#' in parent_url:
# We can't attach yet another fragment, so just don't link to
# the comment for now.
return parent_url
return parent_url + '#{}'.format(node['_id'])
def find_for_post(project, node):
"""Returns the URL for a blog post."""
project_id = project['_id']
if str(project_id) == current_app.config['MAIN_PROJECT_ID']:
return url_for('main.main_blog',
the_project = project_url(project_id, project=project)
return url_for('main.project_blog',
def find_for_other(project, node):
"""Fallback: Assets, textures, and other node types.
Hard-coded fallback, so doesn't need @register_node_finder() decoration.
the_project = project_url(project['_id'], project=project)
return url_for('projects.view_node',
def project_url(project_id, project):
"""Returns the project, raising a ValueError if it can't be found.
Uses the "urler" service endpoint.
if project is not None:
return project
if not current_app.config['URLER_SERVICE_AUTH_TOKEN']:
log.error('No URLER_SERVICE_AUTH_TOKEN token, unable to use URLer service.')
return None
urler_api = system_util.pillar_api(
return pillarsdk.Project.find_from_endpoint(
'/service/urler/%s' % project_id, api=urler_api)
# Cache the actual URL based on the node ID, for the duration of the request.
def find_url_for_node(node):
# Find the node's project, or its ID, depending on whether a project
# was embedded. This is needed some finder functions.
if isinstance(node.project, pillarsdk.Resource):
# Embedded project
project = node.project
project = project_url(node.project, None)
# Determine which function to use to find the correct URL.
finder = node_url_finders.get(node.node_type, find_for_other)
return finder(project, node)

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