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Sun, Jan 26, 3:32 AM

import logging
from flask_script import Manager
from pillar import current_app
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
manager_elk = Manager(
current_app, usage="Elastic utilities, like reset_index()")
def reset_index(elk_index):
Destroy and recreate elastic indices
node, user ...
#real_current_app = current_app._get_current_object()._get_current_object()
with current_app.app_context():
from import index
if elk_index == 'nodes':
def reindex_nodes():
db = current_app.db()
nodes_coll = db['nodes']
node_count = nodes_coll.count()
log.debug('Reindexing %d in Elastic', node_count)
from pillar.celery.search_index_tasks import prepare_node_data
from import elastic_indexing
for node in nodes_coll.find():
to_index = prepare_node_data('', node=node)

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