few typos in tooltips
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Group: V 2.31 release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Interface

few typos :

mesh tools panel :
"flattens angles of selected faces" for both 'smooth'
and 'split' tools
buttons_editing.c line 1678

render panel :
"Set Gauss filter Size)"
buttons_scene.c line 1069

3dView header:
"Viewport Shading (Hotkeys: Z, Shift Z, Ctrl Z, Alt
Z," (why comma?)
header_view3d.c line 3540

lamp buttons -> Area lamp -> Rect two sizes
"Area light size, doesn't affect energy amount"
"Area light size Y, doesn't affect energy amount"
shouldn't first be ...size X... ?
buttons_shading.c line 1913

several tooltips still has '...Metaball...',
but now we have Meta Elements, right?



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