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Missing Menus
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Group: V 2.33a release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Interface

3D Window Menus, Editmode

For Meshes -> Mirror says CTRL-M but is plain MKEY
(CTRL-M works too, anyway)

For Curves and Surfaces -> Mirror (Mkey) is missing as
a menu entry

For Metaballs -> Mirror (MKEY) is missing, which is a
minor issue since anyway the Mirror Menu does not work :)
The KeyFrame menu (IKEY) is missing (if it makes sense)
and the whole 'Snap' and 'Transform' Group of Menus and
Submenus is missing (and this works!)

Armatures -> Mirror menu entry missing

Lattice -> Missing 'Transform' Menu and submenu and
'Mirror' Menu, as usual :)

This is Win2k and Blender 2.33a, if matters.


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