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game engine failure on restart
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Group: V 2.33a release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Animation system

I'm a real newbie to this program, so please forgive
me if this is one of those obvious problems only
newbies don't know about.

For the record, I'm using Blender 2.33a on Windows XP
Pro on a Dell 5150 notebook Mobile Intel Pentium(R) 4
CPU 3.06 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200.

This game engine problem only occurs with v2.33, not
with the older v2.25 (which works fine). I don't
have easy access to other PC's right now, so I
haven't been able to check it on other systems.

When I set up a simple physics situation, say a ball
that drops onto a plane and bounces a bit (I've made
the ball an actor), it works about as I expect the
first time I hit "P." If I stop the game engine and
restart it, the actor falls right through the plane.
In more elaborate situations, other collisions may
fail...the ball may not fall through the floor, but
may roll through walls. In a relatively simple scene
(like the ball/plane), at a third restart of the game
engine it works fine, but on the fourth it falls
through, etc. I tried the BallerCoaster demo game
that shipped with the Blender GameKit book, and at
the second restart of the engine all the balls fall
through every other object, and repeated restarts do
not really reset the situation. A "Ctrl O" reload of
the ballercoaster.blend file at this point causes
Blender to crash utterly.



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