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Sluggish NDOF translations in turntable mode when object is at center of view
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Group: V 2.46 release
Resolution: Approved

Applying the same force on the SpaceNavigator results in different speeds in turntable mode, depending on whether the object is in the center of the view or closer to the borders. Speed increases substantially when the scene moves toward the view borders.

Expected behavior: The translation speed should depend only on the pressure the user applies to the device, not on its position in the screen view.

To reproduce:
- connect SpaceNavigator
- make sure 3Dconnexion driver is running
- make sure 3Dconnexion plugin is installed inside "plugins" directory
- open Blender 2.46 on either Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.
- be sure to be in turntable mode
- just use the default cube
- translate the cube left and right. Notice how slow it is when the cube is in the center of the view, and how fast it gets once the object approaches the left or right border.
- same thing applies to up and down motion.

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