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Yaf(a)Ray Export/Render 0.1.0: export and render scenes with the Yaf(a)Ray renderer
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Category: Render
Python: 2.5
Script name: Yaf(a)Ray Export/Render
Dependencies: several python 2.5 modules (python 2.5 installation required)
Author(s): Bert Buchholz, Mathias Wein
Status: Closed


This set of scripts (+ Yaf(a)Ray installation) allows rendering scenes directly from inside Blender using the Yaf(a)Ray rendering engine. It gathers all needed information using the python API provided by Blender and additionally has a UI to set things up which are not represented in the Blender UI.


Attached scripts must reside in Blender's script directory. Additionally, there are two python modules which are needed, containing C++-Python bindings to the Yaf(a)Ray libraries. Naturally, these are dependant on the used OS and need to be compiled.

Guide on compiling:

Short version:

Check out

svn co yafaray

and compile with scons and scons swig, then install the libs and copy the two modules and their lib files from bindings/python to the Blender scripts directory.


In Blender, you should now be able to select the export/render script from the Render menu and start the rendering using the "Render" button. All material settings except the texture channels are done using the UI. Same goes for lights and the render settings with a few things still be defined in the Blender UI (mostly for lights like spot's angle and similar, namely those things that are visible in the 3D view). The rendering also features a Qt GUI when Yaf(a)Ray is compiled with


When rendering with this enabled, a window will be seen showing the rendering progress and afterwards allowing to save the rendering.


Since the scripts are no use by themselves without the actual Yaf(a)Ray installation, I propose to only shipping the UI script with Blender and detecting the Yaf(a)Ray installation in the script. If the installation is missing, it tells the user so and where to get the installation files.

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