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Area splits resizing issue when resizing window by small increments
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This issue happens when you resize the window by very small
increments (e.g. <5 pixels)

When you reduce the size of the window, all areas reduce their
size to, but it doesn't seem to be proportional though. Like
the right column (the one with the properties and outliner spaces
on 2.5 default view) is reduced more than the ones more on the

It becomes weird when you increase the size (width in this example)
by small increments : the right column width continues to decrease

This looks like a rounding issue in the screen subdivision system that uses integer coords for split (from Ton's note).
One solution might be to maintain spaces relative size values
independent of window/resolution size, like a percentage, for
easing this spaces size computation after window resize, or using floats instead of integers?

This bug is a show stopper for the "live resize" feature,
that is having window contents redrawn continuously while the
user is changing its size.
(This feature is the one that makes lots of window size changes
by small steps)

This bug already existed in 2.4x releases.

Anyway, the "live resize" is a nice to have feature, so a fix for this bug is not of high priority

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Confirmed, scaling the window down and then up again can really mess up the layout. Assigning to Ton.

Moving to our todo on wiki:

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