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Snap Cursor to Center and more View edits
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I started out with my previous patch, then found out a couple things, such as shift-c aleady did the job, at least partway. I personally think that shift-c which moves the cursor to center and puts all the objects in your scene into view is basically a repetition of the home key.

So in the following two patches I:
1) Added the "Snap cursor to center". This adds it to the snap to menu which is accesible through shift-s.
2) I deleted the function of the shift-c key. If you want to do that all it requires is pressing the home key, then snapping the cursor to center. I think it is a bit more organized and efficient as I have never wanted to do both of these things at the same time, always one or another. However I do not mind if any of the developers decide to keep it in. I also renamed the "view_center" to "view_selected" as it seemed a more reasonable name. The function did not change the view to look at the center, it changed the view so that it looked at the center of the selected items.

The two patches below contain both the described things above, and are ordered in the same way:

Thanks you very much for your patience as I worked out all the problems which I didn't see at first. =)

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Applied in revision 25973.

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