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Restoring of cross-compilation stuff
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This patch tries to restore linux cross-compilation stuff.

I updated libraries from lib/windows directory to fix some linking errors. Updated libraries are ffmpeg and gettext. In new gettext DLL is named libintl3.dll (was gnu_gettext.dll). I've made changed to configurations and scripts, but I haven't got opportunity to check compilation under windows. I've attached this libraries to this message.

Known issues:
* Not all features if available for cross-compiling
* I copied dll-s and python/lib to installation directory manually
* blender.exe depends on libiconv2.dll (it could be found in attachments)

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Here is updated version of patch.

* Restored DLL and Python installation.
* Libraries faad.dll, faac.dll and libmp3lame.dll were removed from installation sources, because there is no such libraries in new ffmpeg.
* Use another built of libintl. libiconv2.dll isn't in dependencies now.
* Added icon to blender executable file.

New patch and libintl are in attachments.

With this patch (see attached console_window.patch) option -mwindows is not passing to mingw, so console window appears when blender starts.

This patch should be applied after linux_cross_2.patch.

Added support of fftw3 library.

* Use another libfftw3 library (for linuxcross only)
* Added libfftw3.dll to installation list (for linuxcross only)

fftw3.patch should be applied after linux_cross_2.patch and console_window.patch

fftw3 library and dll are in attachments. this files should be placed to lib/windows/fftw3/lib directory.

Here is some updated version of patch.

* It is now against rev26016
* All changes, stored in linux_cross_against_26106.patch (no need of previous incremental patches)
* Use libraries ffmpeg and fftw3 from lib/windows/gcc directory (fftw3 is created by me here, old ffmpeg from gcc directory i replaced with ffmpeg from my previous attachments)
* gettext library is still common for native and cross compilation, so it should be tested


I've attached content of changed directories in lib/windows (archive named lib_against_26106.tar.bz2)

I've compiled Blender with options WITH_BF_OPENJPEG, WITH_BF_REDCODE and WITH_BF_RAYOPTIMIZATION flags. I also made some cleanup in and started adding support of OpenCOLLADA.

I named patch linux_corss_against_26106_inc1.patch. It should be applied after linux_corss_against_26106.patch.

Added OpenCollada support.

For this support I recompiled OpenCollada by MinGW, because there were linking errors when I tried to link with existing in libs/windows/opencollada libraries.

To compile OpenCollada by MinGW under Windows I made some changes in source and SCons configuration scripts. Without this changes building system supposed I'm using MSVC and used MS-specified headers, which are missed in MinGW.
I've attached this patches (file collada_mingw_compilation.patch) and compiled OpenCollada libraries and headers, which should be placed to lib/windows/gcc/opencollada (file opencollada.tar.bz2)

One more thing around new OpenCollada libraries: I compiled the latest sources, which are at revision 721, but blender's collada module is written for libraries, compiled from revision 641. Because this, I made some changes to source/blender/collada/DocumentImporter.cpp:

* In new collada TextureCoordinateBinding, MaterialBinding, TextureCoordinateBindingArray and MaterialBindingArray moved from namespace COLLADAFW::InstanceGeometry to COLLADAFW.
* TextureCoordinateBinding and MaterialBinding are now classes, so we shouldn't use direct field accessing.
* InstanceController is not the same as InstanceGeometry. This classes are inherited from InstanceBindingBase<ClassId classId> with different classId.
* There is no more Texture::Texture() constructor. New constructor get's the UniqueId parameter.

I've tried to made changes to this file only for corss-compilation, but it would be good to update this file and collada library for native compilation too.

Patch for cross-compilation with collada named linux_corss_against_26106_inc2.patch and should be applied after all previous patches against this revision.

Here is new patch for cross-compilation (linux_cross_against_26185.patch):
* Update DocumentImporter for new changed Collada library. Minor code cleanup.
* Experimental support of OpenMP
* Minor code cleanup for Scons's scripts.

I updated patch for OpenCollada. Changes:

* Added option `tools` to SConstruct (opencollada_against721.patch).
* Do not declare COLLADABU_MINGW (use minwg's __MINGW32__ definition)

New patch with some clean-up was uploaded. It is now against revision 26229.

I've adopted patch to revision 26464 and added some changes for MinGW compilation. Now Blender could be built by MinGW with collada openjpeg and redcode support.
Patch now should be in svn-compatible format and libraris, which are necessary for cross-compilation archived by zip. This libraries should be placed to lib/windows/gcc directory.

I've got some troubles with uploading archive with libraries, so I've published it on my homeserver:

Forgot to close this...

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