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View2D setup for buttons regions unstable
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As of revision 26695, loading old files with View2D regions results in a number of bugs in button regions.

Test File 1 (markers_testA)
1) Some regions are horizontally shifted by the width of a scrollbar until the region is resized to some critical size, at which point the horizontal shift disappears, and the full view is visible. (see the Graph Editor properties panels).

NOTE: the behaviour to not shift until the critical size is reached is used for the Outliner, so that horizontal scrolling did not reset immediately upon window resize.

2) Adjusting the zoom in the Graph Editor properties region will result in the scale of the text in the NLA Editor properties region also changing scale. Moving the mouse between the two editors results in the scale flip-flopping between the two different scales

3) Probably after the marker drawing, the alpha-blending method is set wrongly for scrollbar drawing, resulting in opaque white lines on horizontal scrollbars. I could investigate this part myself tomorrow. Just noting here while I remember.

Test File 2 (limit_dist)
4) Switch to bone constraints context in the horizontal buttons window, and watch that view suddenly change scale. Note how the text is overscaled...

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Closed duplicate report:

Same problems as in test file 2. See the screenshots in that report for examples of the problems, but the provided test file here should allow testing.

Closing duplicate report (which also included a few duplicate reports):

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