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Remove doubles doesn't report after changing Threshold in the Toolshelf.
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When using remove doubles in prior versions to 2.50 it always reported how many vertexes that had been removed. This was a good way to get a confirmation that they where within range.

In Blender 2.50 Alpha (downloaded from is no confirmation or count of removed vertexes.

When issuing "remove doubles" show "removed" vertexes in red (or any suitable colour). Let the user play around with the "Merge Threshold" to see that the intended vertexes will be removed. When done, user confirms and the merge is performed.

Thank you for bringing Blender 2.50 Alpha 0. It already kicks ass!

(do you really need an example file for this?)

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Blender 2.5 eliminates the confirmation or report popups, this functionality will be added as a status/report bar soon. Moving to 'todo'

This is implemented now. Select remove doubles then use the operator panel (either in the tools palette or press F6) to adjust the threshold.

One thing that could be added is to show a removed count as the threshold is adjusted. Only the result from the first operator call is shown, operator panel adjustment doesn't show count after changing.

Changed title to reflect the new issue.

Currently reports from any repeated operator are disregarded as this could create a huge flood of reports when for example dragging a value. In these cases it could be nice to get the info from the last repetition of the operator though. There's really no way yet to create this functionality, so I'll close this report and add it to the todo list.

Why closing it? isn't the todo supposed to have this reports Open? else it wont see the light again

This tracker is only meant for actuve bugs that need to be fixed, todo-items are collected to the pages under (this one is now listed in Knowing the number of actual bugs is important so that we can do a release once there are few enough bugs.

and moving into the ToDo Tracker, there it can be open.

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