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still Micro Lags in BGE Animations
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I noticed that some Month ago. I've changed my Hardware and System in the meantime, but it still happens. (2.49b/2.5)

before: XP32; GForce
now: Win7 64; Radeon 4850

What happens:
In all kind of animations in Blender GE, are some strange micro lags. I hope i explain it right. Shown best with linear animations. Please have a look at the file.

All Cubes have a different Way to move. Such micro delays have effect to all cubes.
EXE-Tests in XP32 does have the same Results. (Don't run in Win7 64, so i can't test.)

Maybe You can find something out.
Thank You.



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I think I can see the problem you're talking about. Every once in a while there is a slight stutter. If I turn off the "Use Frame Rate" and just let vsync cap things, things seem to run smoothly. I get the feeling a frame is getting skipped or something so for just a fraction of a second, the fps changes.

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Please make sure this still relevant with blender 2.75 test build and please give a .blend that we can use to test this

Yes, it still happens. In Viewport and Standalone Player.

Build 148ed4e

Win7 64, Radeon 6950

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i can't reproduce the bug. @Doc Holiday (doc_holiday) can you re test a blender version with commit d979ac4cc9967c5dce27461926396abe5de54b3d ?

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Time to close. seams to be resolved by d979ac4cc9967c5dce27461926396abe5de54b3d