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Slurph not working when adding key with unchecked "relative"
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When I add relative key and then unchecks "relative" checkbox slurph works good, but when I'm adding key with unchecked "relative" slurph makes no effect.

I think it's because kb->pos not initializing in add_keyblock(). There are comment, which says `pos` "is the confusing old horizontal-line RVK crap in old IPO Editor".

I'm not good in the absolute keys, so not sure how this should be fixed.



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I have create a .blend with absolute shapekeys in 2.49.

Open it in 2.49 to see shapes in IPOEditor.

Here is the .blend converted in 2.5.

Look at Keys in datablocks' view.

As you can see, position in IPOEditor in 2.49 correspond to data Frame in 2.5.

This data Frame can not be changed.
When you create an absolute shapekey, this value is set to 0.
But when you create relative shapekeys,
value is set to :
0.1 for Key 1
0.2 for Key 2
0.3 for Key 3

Assigned to self for investigation.

Ok, the functionality for non-relative shape keys hasn't yet been properly ported over from 2.49. I'll close this report as a todo and add it to the todo-page, so that it gets handled once there's a developer available for it.

Janne Karhu (jhk) closed this task as Invalid.Nov 9 2010, 3:03 PM