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proportional editing size suddenly so large it seems corrupted
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I think that I've finally identified another blender 2.5 bug, but Im not able to fix it. This bug is dependent on the individual user's history so no file is included:

proportional edit suddenly is so huge its seemingly impossible to correct.

Observation and guess as to the problem:

All of a sudden the proportional editing ring is so huge, it seems impossible to get back in control. This is specific from user to user and sharing the file does not replicate the problem, however the user with the huge zoom problem will continue to have this huge proportional editing ring across all blends now unless he/ she resets to factory defaults. Trying to fix this by adjusting the proportion size in the transform panel of the mesh tools does nothing.

My thoughts: Blender seems to store the last value you used for your mouse wheel, [however I'm not sure if it is saved over all or saved for each object.] It then reapplies that to whatever editing feature you next use where the mouse wheel can contribute. So if you find yourself suddenly jumped way out from the center of your scene, too far away from your object of choice, that may be why if some other movement you did previously needed you to scroll your wheel a lot.

Unfortunately, that previous large number of scrolls perpetuates and when you hit proportional edit it'll use your last scroll value as the proportion size no matter how crazy it may be. The tool panel translate tools can be brought up but it seems to be meaningless. eg, click on proportional edit in 3d view, click G then mouse Lclick and you can look down in the tools panel and see what the proportion size for the 3D wheel really is. Adjusting it here does nothing but it is helpful to be able to view it.

To get around this bug turn proportional editing OFF in the tools translate panel then go back to 3D view and turn proportional editing back on, Scroll the wheel UP to decrease the proportion size, hit the mouse Lclick and look back in the tools translate panel and it will update the proportinal editing size value display. Repeat until you proportion size is something reasonable. The tool panel translate is only useful to tell you what the proportion size was the last time you hit Lclick!

In summary: Blender 2.52 and 2.53 up to svn r31266 seems to store and reapply the last scroll wheel value. This reapplication of scroll may be useful for zooming but is detrimental elsewhere. I suggest that this feature should be removed and that the default scroll wheel value and the proportional editing size should always reset to some reasonable value like 1.0

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I can't redo the problem and also can't find any code that does something like this. The way the scroll well works is just, if you scroll it up/down once it will increase/decrease the proportional size once, there's no history here or "scroll wheel value" stored.

Do you have any steps to redo this problem, to get the proportional size huge? Also the strange thing is, proportional size is stored per scene, in the .blend file, it's not clear to me how this could persist through other files.

Thank you for looking into this problem. For whatever reason, I and others seem to get into this mess every few months. Perhaps the reason it seems to propagate is from updating user preferences, seem that updating user preferences also saves the current file as default? Not sure I'm doing that right with all the successive builds.

One behavior I notice that may contribute: I have a tendency to use the scroll zoom quite a bit but when I scroll out I will usually use numpad '.' to zoom back in, I wonder if that may make the scroll value grow over time.

To see the problem, grab the top vert in edit mode, hit g and then L click. The proportional edit value is over 9 quadrillion! If we were able to reset this value in the transform properties window, that may resolve this issue.

Hi, I can't redo this bug and tried for quite a while.
- can you try make some steps to redo the problem? (even if they are not exact).
- does this happen if you use the keys (Alt +/-).
- could you try redo this bug on a different system.

Cleaning tracker from inactive reports.

Lyle: if you have something tangible for us to work on, just reply to this report, it sends all of us an email! :)

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confirm, blender 2.56.

I get this from time to time, most recently just now. Blender 2.73a
Scroll doesn't work, the Proportional Value in the info bar stays at inf.

I don't know what triggers this as it is very rare, it has happened once or twice per year.
The only way I found to fix this is to append the objects from the broken file to a new one. A process that can be very cumbersome and time consuming with larger files. It's often easier to revert to an earlier version and redo the latest work.

Attaching a file with broken proportional value. Tested in two machines, broken in both.

WOW blast from the past- Restarted with Blender after a 2 yr abscence and with 2.73 and 2.73a proportional editing is extremely difficult to use. The value not editable (option not present) in tool panel 90% of the time and when you MAY enter value it is off by several orders of magnitude!

Observation - with Prop editing on, select translate. TRY to hold the mouse still and start scrolling. KEEP scrolling, eventually you will see the proportion value go to zero and keep scrolling - only then will the proportion circle get small enough to see and when you can finally see it it is indeed useable.

My conclusion - the default power for proportional editing is set to be 105 to 106 too high.

Checking this report I'm still not sure what the issue is, if you set the size very small, then it can take a while to set it to 1.0 again just using the scroll wheel.

Even if you get some strange value by accident. The number can be set in the operator redo panel, which will be used afterwards.

Please try to give clear set of steps to redo error if there is some bug we need to fix.

The problem is that you can't set the value back by scroll wheel when stuck in inf. The value doesn't change by scroll wheel or PgUp/PgDn.
It is stuck at 340282346638528859811704183484516925440.0 (As I get when clicking the inf value in the Proportional Value box in the T-panel)

Changing the value in redo panel works for the one time you change it then it's back to inf. Thanks for the suggestion though.
-Can this value be (permanently) changed by python?

I can't give a step guide to trigger this. It has happened a few times, perhaps once or twice a year and I don't know what made it happen. I did nothing extraordinary, it's just was that way when I was to proportion move some vertices. Don't know when it actually broke.

I provided a blend file with this error, which any developer can have a look at. It's the best I can do for now.

How do you get the value to be inf?

That is what I don't know... I just found it to be broken, not sure how and when it happened.

The file I attached above has the error. At least in the two machines I tested it at.
Try to move a vertex with proportion edit on and see the mesh get smashed into a single tiny dot (At least I think that is what is happening, I see a single dot anyway.), and not being able to change the Proportional size value.

(The issues in walshlg's new post seems to be a completely different issue, just so we talk about the same thing here)