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Win32 copy/paste problems/bugs
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Group: V 2.27 release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Interface

In most or all versions of Blender, text can be
cut/copied/pasted within the text editor.

These are the hotkeys:
ctrl-x cut
ctrl-c copy
ctrl-v paste

This is exactly the same as the default Win32 hotkeys.

But in Blender 2.27, you've said that the hotkeys for
copying and pasting text between Blender and Win32 are:

alt-shift-c copy
alt-shift-v paste

Which is hard to remember and use. There was
absolutely no need to add new hotkeys. The old hotkeys
could have been reused... like this:

(In Blender)
*If (ctrl-x) copy to Blender text memory and Win32
clipboard, delete text on screen

*If (ctrl-c) copy to Blender text memory and Win32

*If (ctrl-v) if Win32 clipboard has text insert on
screen, otherwise insert text from Blender text memory.

And get rid of the old code that uses those new
hotkeys (alt-shift-v, etc).

BTW, the hotkey in Blender 2.27 for Win32 paste is:
CTRL-shift-v NOT alt-shift-v (as it says in the readme)

alt-shift-v brings up a "View" menu.

And for Win32 paste, the hotkey is ctrl-shift-v AND
alt-shift-v (2 different hotkeys)

Also, when paste text from Blender into notepad, there
are squares where the enter keys were in Blender...
that might have something to do with the Blender text
being in the wrong format (ANSI or Unicode or UTF-8 or
something). It would be good if it could paste into
notepad... and this is Windows XP notepad I'm talking
about. It would involve converting the Blender enter
characters to the corresponding notepad-type ones
whenever text is copied or cut in Blender to the
Windows clipboard.



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