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The goal of this script is make easy the lightmap generation process ( Unwarp, make materials, textures, render etc )
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.54
Category: Render
Python: 3.1
Script name: Lightmapper
Wiki page: WRONG URL
Author(s): Vitor Balbio
Status: Closed

I´m working in a new ( and easier ) way to make lightmaps in Blender.
Seeing how UDK and Unity ( ver 3.0 ) do Lightmaps i see how easy it can be for ours too and decide make some like that.

So what that script do?
-> Group objects to make only one lightmap texture ( automatic balanced groups in future to save scale/resolution of texture )
-> Automatic make the new texture, uvwarp, texture configurations e assignments
-> You can choose AO or Shadow maps
-> Don´t make noise in your previous material configuration ( textures, outers uv maps etc )

So, just add the objects to group and click in "Make Lightmap" and press P to see it working in BGE

More Options:

-> Separete : Separate all isolated objects of group in the end of lightmap generation

-> Preserve UV : Don´t calculate the UV Warp, useful case you can edit manually the UV or save time if you already have a good UV.

-> Dynamic Preview: Enables you to see a "realtime" lightmap bake in 3DView



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My simple description was to long, sorry about that xD
Any admin can change that if you can.

And it´s for Blender 2.5 not 2.4x
( many errors for a simple post xD )

can you prepare a wiki page with a bit of a manual about how to use this?
I'd help the review process for sure :)

Hi Lucas,
I will make one soon,

Added version 0.57

- Fix Warnings in Blender 2.56a
- Remove Dynamic Previews for now, need more work in that
- Work right as Add-on ( Add-on Pannel )

wiki page:

Added final 0.57 version

update: version 0.572
Fix problems with Operation id_names [ before Crashing with build 34473 ]

It doesn't start with 2.56, in line 50 it should be bl_addon_info not bl_info.

Try the more recent build of graphicall, now the right tag is bl_info.
Thanks for reporting.

hi, if alls well in 2.57 & you are willing to update the script regularly, we can move this to contrib.

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If you have not already, please visit this page:
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Hi Brendon,
Sorry for now, but i´m working in some projects and have no much time to make it to work in blende 2.6 for now.
I´m planning redesign the script in the future too
If someone want port it to blender 2.6 feel free to that.

Due to changes to the api including the merging of bmesh, several addons are outdated.
Please, if you are the author of an addon check your script with blender revision 44256 or newer.
That is builds made After blender 2.62 official release.
I would ask that updates be made to your addon before the Blender 2.63 release.
6-8 weeks away.
This allows time for the api to become more exposed & bmesh to stablize furthur.
If you need help, drop into irc freenode #blenderpython or #blendercoders & feel welcome to ask questions.
At the time of 2.63 release, scripts that are not repaired or in active developement will have their tracker page marked "Closed"
this will not affect your links to the tracker, similar to closing scripts in 2.49b, the page will be still availible & can be re-opened.

Thanks for your understanding & patience during these Exciting Times.

hi Vitor,
Currently I'm still unsure of the working state of this addon.
I'm closing this page for now. as part of 2.63 cleanup.
If you want to resubmit your addon please let me know & this page can be reopened easily.
Thanks for your addon & interest in Blender.