Easy generation of tyre-tread patterns
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.62
Category: Object
Python: 3.2
Homepage: https://github.com/ldo/treadtiler
Script name: TreadTiler
Wiki page: ?
Dependencies: sys, math
Author(s): Lawrence D'Oliveiro
Status: Open

You create a piece of tyre-tread pattern, define a centre of rotation, and it will create a new mesh object with the tread pattern replicated around a ring and the edges nicely joined together.

Still has some debug messages being written to stderr, I will remove these once I feel confident enough in the code.

The above Git repository also includes a user guide and tutorial.



Odd, the URL I entered for the GitHub repository doesn’t seem to show up anywhere on this page that I can see.

Anyway, it’s here <https://github.com/ldo/treadtiler>.

Hi, can you attach at least the script here for evaluation?
People could not have time/will/etc to use git :)

hi, you are most welcome to maintain & develope the script here.
I uploaded the script from git hub.
If you maintain the script here, we can help you improve it & add it to contrib scripts when it's ready.

Funny, isn’t it, how some people are at ease with Blender, but scared of Git. With me it was the other way round. :)

can you prepare a wiki page with a bit of a manual about how to
use this?
I'd help the review process for sure :)

You mean put a page on the Blender Wiki? It’s just that’s such a pain to do stuff on—I can’t be bothered having to enter a CAPTCHA for every page edit.

There is a user guide included in the source tree.

You can login in the wiki and it won't bother you anymore :)
I'd prefer we avoid putting in blender a bunch of pngs in a folder ;)
Read http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/Py/Scripts/Guidelines/A
ddons at the wiki section, it's quite easy to compile a wiki page.

No luck. I just edited this Wiki page http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/File_Formats, and it demanded I enter a CAPTCHA again.

By the way, my username on wiki.blender.org is ldo17, not ldo.

hi, I'll try & solve this for you soon.

Just a Reminder for people to Join the Mail List.
If you have not already, please visit this page:
& join the list.

It is not broken any more. Always get the current source from GitHub, don’t rely on obsolete copies here.

Due to changes to the api including the merging of bmesh, several addons are outdated.
Please, if you are the author of an addon check your script with blender revision 44256 or newer.
That is builds made After blender 2.62 official release.
I would ask that updates be made to your addon before the Blender 2.63 release.
6-8 weeks away.
This allows time for the api to become more exposed & bmesh to stablize furthur.
If you need help, drop into irc freenode #blenderpython or #blendercoders & feel welcome to ask questions.
At the time of 2.63 release, scripts that are not repaired or in active developement will have their tracker page marked "Closed"
this will not affect your links to the tracker, similar to closing scripts in 2.49b, the page will be still availible & can be re-opened.

Thanks for your understanding & patience during these Exciting Times.

hi, added an updated file
it should work with bmesh
I think this needs an nice ui or even preset 'tyre rims to more easily create.
could you let me know if you intend updating here furthur.

Thanks, Brendon, for that patch, unfortunately it’s not enough—you missed two more places where “.faces” needs to be changed to “.polygons”. Also there’s at least one more issue that needs fixing, which I’m looking at.

By the way, your warning from two months ago about the BMesh API changes was only sent to me yesterday, along with your last message.

OK, fixed and seems to work fine against a Blender build from 4 days ago.

hi, I don't know what happened with the mail, your not the first to say they didn't get it :(
Thanks for updating your addon
are you interested in moving the script into svn?

You can copy it into SVN if you want to, but I prefer to work with Git.

I know you do merges of major feature branches into Blender trunk every now and then; I think you’ll find that sort of thing is easier with Git than SVN.

We are now using git… is this addon still maintained, or can we archive that task?

I am still maintaining it. Not sure what the “task” is...

(task is this page, could call it 'ticket' too…)

In this case, since we are now using git, would you be interested in putting the addon in contrib dir, and do any further dev from this repo?

Except the last time I tried submitting patches to blender-addons-contrib (T40437), you made it clear these are not being maintained. So what is the point of adding to them?

Well, it’s not that they are not maintained, it’s that they are not maintained by Blender team - their authors are more than welcomed to maintain them, so that would be your call for that new addon!

Note that if you are interested in maintaining an orphanned addon, you’re also welcome to do it, but please first communicate with it’s org author (and if he is OK or do not answer within a few weeks, then you can take it over).

The point being, official blender team does not maintain contrib addons, we only make the minimal managing task here (unlike community/official addons, where we are much more involved).

(as a side note, we should take some time one day to cleanup contrib and remove addons which have no maintainers for too long)

Obviously, that would imply you get commit rights in addons contrib repo!

So all it takes for you to accept T40437 is to include one of my addons in the repo?

No… What it takes to accept T40437 is that you get agreement from those addons' authors to make the changes.

These are two different topics actually. This task is to know whether you want to put and develop your TreadTiler addon into contrib repo.

Allow me to draw your attention to the Four Freedoms of Free Software, particularly Freedom 3:

  • The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits.

*sigh* Why do we have again this discussion, especially here, where nobody else can shime in? Not to mention the complete off-topic…

If you want to raise that subject, please open a thread on our ML, so that everyone interested can participate! And please answer the question this task is about, so that we can close it ultimately, one way or the other.

(And again, you are free to edit those addons, but not on our repo, at least not without their author’s agreement (or lack of answer, considered as tacit agreement))

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) closed this task as Archived.EditedSep 1 2015, 10:57 AM

hi, page is being archived
Lawrence D'Oliveiro
I notice you are still developing this addon, please feel free to resubmit the addon in a fresh task if you like to.