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Modifiers make materials disappear in BGE
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Category: Rendering

Two objects use the same material, which is the 2nd material slot for the first object created.

The first object has (any?) modifier except Armature. eg. Subsurf works.

On one object the shared material does not show in BGE, the faces are invisible.

The material index isn't reset to zero for the modified mesh probably, this has happened before. But it only happens if the material is the same.

Windows Vista 64, NVidia GeForce GT 240, Blender 2.55 official, VBO off.

The tracker is down to 3 pages - awesome job everyone!

Dave Heinemann

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ubuntu10.04 64bits rev33360

I can reproduce it with a shared material in third slot, too.

Moving to GE tracker

Issue still present in current master…

mangostaniko added a subscriber: mangostaniko.EditedFeb 25 2016, 4:35 AM

Still an issue in current master, this really has been around a long time :)

Short summary of what is known: Only happens after conversion for BGE for objects with active modifiers that alter geometry. Applying the modifier, or duplicating the problematic object with the modifier avoids the issue, duplicating the other object leads to the symptoms again.
It seems that the material indices of the slots from the other object (or from the last duplicated object) are used in the object with the modifier, as described in following scene (adapted from other report)


Looked into gameengine/Converter/BL_ModifierDeformer.cpp and others but could not yet find anything. Wonder where else this might be caused.

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