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Collada export issues
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When I export this file to COLLADA w 2.55 and reimport it then the geometry is all wrong and the animation seems to be gone.

MacBook Pro
OSX 10.6
NVIDIA GeForce 9400M


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Try it with 2.56a.

We don't yet export geometry with modifiers applied. Further the problem with armatures is that multiple objects on same armature is not yet supported (head+torso) properly. Otherwise geometry exports and reimports pretty ok. These issues are on todo list, so marking as such. Will be reopened and assigned to someone when it's being worked on. Thanks.

Thank you for the responses. It makes sense Nathan.

>Otherwise geometry exports and reimports pretty ok.

I guess that this made me think that the exported should export what it support and not touch the rest but that may not be that easy.


Ps. tried export and import on a fresh .256a with the same result which should be unsurprising in light of Nathan's comment.