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COLLADA Physics Export Basic
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This patch is to enable the export of basic COLLADA physics elements. The elements which are supported by the patch :
- Library Physics Scenes
- Instance Physics Model
- Instance Rigid Body
- Library Physics Models
- Physics Model
- Rigid Body

Many attributes and sub-elements belonging to the above elements are incomplete. But it will provide a skeleton for everyone to work on. Apply COLLADAPhysicsBlender.patch to blender root.

Also currently Physics elements are not supported by the opencollada SDK. So the COLLADASW* files needed for the export of above elements were also developed and added to the opencollada SDK. The patch for those files are found separate. Therefore this patch will only work with "COLLADAPhysicsLibraryPatch.patch" That patch needs to be applied to /lib/windows. StreamWriter files pertaining to Rigid body is still not complete.

COLLADAFW* files and COLLADASaxFWL* files are also modified and added to the opencollada library. Which are needed to implement import. But those need much work. Currently I'm working with opencollada team to improve physics support. So in the near future import will be enabled.

I've compiled Blender in win32-vc++ and scons. Haven't been tested on other platforms.

This is my first patch, so need as many reviews as possible :D

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Assigning to Arystanbek. Thanks for the patch.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Aug 11 2014, 8:41 PM

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