Operator.draw(): UI doesn't redrawn
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Hey there!

Operator's popup is not redrawn when chaging some value.

Test script: http://www.pasteall.org/19842/python

Click bool prop - UI doesn't updated.

Thanks in advance!

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assigning to myself, I looked into this before but will try find some solution.

I can confirm this. This also affects some of the addons that are shipped (e.g. "AddCurve:Sapling", "AddCurve:CurveaceousGalore", ...)

Bump up to Campbell if this a current issue for him, a todo for later, or something for someone else tackle :)

The redraws are all OK - but the issue is that our menu popups are only generated once, with a fixed region boundbox and static defined options.

What you want is a persistent panel with dynamic amounts of buttons and settings. For such cases popups shouldn't be used - and not will become available either.

I will put on my short term todo: general option for operator buttons to draw its properties as permanent set of options. That's what we intended with Blender design spec to make a non-modal parellel working UI :)

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