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TEXTANGENT TEXBINORMAL missing in Collada Export
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Exporting a normalmap seems to work in Collada export (although using the deprecated FCOLLADA <bump> see <bump> in OpenCollada, which supports bumptype). However, if a material with <bump> is pressed, the corresponding geometry should export binormal and tangent coordinates as TEXTANGENT and TEXBINORMAL in <triangles> <polygons> or <poly_list>, so the normalmap can be applied correctly.
Maybe this is not as useful for exporting to another 3D App, but it is vital for game development.
I'm sure that Blender computes this already, otherwise it wouldn't be visible in the GLSL viewport, but in case such information is not available, attached is a link on how to generate tangent and binormal arrays.

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This is unsupported yet (read: no code to do this has been written), and as such I mark it as a todo item. There has already been some talk about how to go about this on our code side.

The report will be reopened when it's being worked on.

Nathan Letwory (jesterking) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Mar 12 2011, 11:09 PM