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Collada Export breaks my character
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r36147, 64 Bit, Win 7 64 Bit Home Premium

I tried to export my character via collada. That the whole rotation is by 90 degrees rotated wouldn`t be a this big problem. But its legs are broken, and the objects that are parented to bones are not longer in its position.

Attached two screenshots, and the troublefile.



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Armature animation is known not to be well supported by our collada integration (but fixes are planned).

What program are you loading this in?, If it supports FBX you could try that since it has well tested character animation support.

Thanks Campbell.

I load it into Ultimate Unwrap 3D. Of course it also loads FBX besides a ton of other formats. But unfortunately Blender doesn`t export the character as FBX neither.

I am trapped at the moment. No working pipeline :(

Multiple objects parented to one armature isn't supported yet, moving to todo (probably addressed during the summer).

This issue and two others are all duplicates I believe:

I believe this report can be closed as resolved.
@Reiner Prokein: Please can you verify that the bug has been resolved in the trunk version of Blender.

Marking report as fixed by request from Gaia. If it's still not resolved, can return status back.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Resolved.Feb 8 2012, 11:05 AM

Thanks for reminder. Confirming that the problems are partially fixed. The feet are not longer broken, which is a big progress. Many thanks for that :)

The other subobjects are still offset though. My character has more than one mesh attached to the bones system. I´ve attached a new shot. As you can see in the shot, the hat is not longer at the head, but fairly above it. The shot is taken from Ultimate Unwrap 3D , and the mesh is exported as collada from r43983.


A blender with revision 44231 forward should fix the bone parenting issue. You can poke here on in irc if problems persist.

Revision 44297, Blender 2.62.0

I would love to confirm the fix. But it is not fixed, it is unfortunately worse than before. Now my meshes doesn`t even export anymore. Just the skeletton arrives. With revision 44089 the whole character arrives in Ultimate Unwrap, but with offset hat and eye meshes. So it seems that the fix has broken something here. Sorry for this bad news.

Hmm.. probably the bmesh merge, will look into it.

Thanks Juha, and ood luck with finding the baddie :)

I'll just note here I've made some changes to both bone parenting and mesh exporting... maybe r44419 is the lucky revision :)

Yay! It is! Confirming this bug as fixed. Many thanks :)