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updated FBX import
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I have tried to do some updates into fbx importer. Now it should have proper index detection. And also it supports
edge weighting.

The lines that has edit in this area:(Lines 220-326)

When I started with the script I got some errors with line 370 and 387 so I took them into green. It issues with parent.


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Looked into your patch, but I cant test it because I don't have any sample files.
While trying some different files I ran into other problems with the original script.

- registration needed updating.
- parent matrix multiplication wasnt updated to new api.
- 'Scene' parent wasn't accounted for as being special
- Faces with 2 verts only need to be imported as edges.

I committed, leaving your lines in, commented with #EDGE:

So could you look into applying your patch against the updated script?

Sure. I will do that this week. Thanks for testing this.

can you provide an FBX test file for your script also with a screenshot of the correct result.


Here is the latest script.It should support faces with 2 edges. Here is a simple test where is two meshes and one 2edge face.
Edge weight transfer ok from modo to blender. I haven't tested this with big fbx scenes.

Crashes with the bigger scene. Will take a look at...


Bigger scene crash issue fixed. Script is updated. A lot of changes from the frist version. Also I included screenshot and sample file. The mans forehead has some
edge weighted edges. Works ok. Only things is that it took 38sec to load 5mb file. So it's quite slow. I could be interested to write this in c/c++ at some point. Needs to practise with python first and then learn c++ :)

Clean the code. Latest is FBX_version3.rar

can this be closed since you have commit access?

Tom Musgrove (letterrip) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.May 26 2011, 7:15 AM

I see that this tracker is closed, but still think this is the best place for my patch (import_fbx_cam.diff)

This imports the correct camera properties from FBX: Focal length, Sensor sizes and Film offset.
Tested with files from Maya and Cinema4D

Translation, rotation and animation hasn't been touched so still doesn't work yet.