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Particle systems with animated groups render incorrectly in viewport
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When using particlesystems with groups that have animated objects in them render incorrectly in the viewport. When rendering through the rendering engine everything is fine. Not a big problem but it makes it hard ot predict what the final result would look like so you have to keep rendering the scene all the time to ensure that the mess in the viewport actually only happens in the viewport.

In the example file I've put a simple scene with "trees" that are animated. In the viewport the trees seem to rotate and intersect through the plane. When rendered everything looks as it should however.

With bigger scenes that I've been working with the trees in the viewport behave as if the particlesystem would have emitter set and they fly around like crazy deforming and stretching. When rendering everything is down on the ground happily sitting at their right places.

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I managed to locate the problem with this one. If the objects that are grouped and act in the particle system are on a hidden layer it will cause this weirdness in the viewport but if you show the layer the object is on while playing animation the particle system renders correctly in the viewport as well. Hope this helps.


Fixed in r38293, thanks for the report! The issue was that the dependency graph relation wasn't correctly set up between animated groups and the particles.

P.S. Also note that due to an earlier bug fix the trees might need to be rotated differently as now the objects are always aligned correctly to the hair paths. Rotating the trees so that they point to the x-axis should fix this issue.

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